Sunday, May 2, 2010


How on earth to I end up photographing such beautiful people?

Ali and Rob were kind enough to take part in my Flaunt Your Rock contest earlier this year, and even though they were runners-up... they put up a good fight and I just couldn't say no to an e-sesh with them.

They've been friends since high school, never letting their friendship cross "that line". Three years later ago, that all changed, and now... their wedding day is less than a month away. I couldn't help but be instantly energized and uplifted at their joie de vivre and their beautiful connection.

Onto the pictures, already!

Ali and Rob - I wish you both the best for your wedding day and beyond.  Thank you so much for braving the near rain conditions and bearing with my insane antics during your shoot.  Enjoy.  Your $50 gift certificate will be in your inbox shortly!

Now everyone, leave some love in the form of comments below!


Jocelyn said...

The last photo is insanely beautiful! Sooo glad you finally got to use that location Jen.

jennifer said...

Me, too! Thanks Joce. :)

Janis said...

Wow, gorgeous colours, gorgeous people, gorgeous photos. Ali's eyes just pop!

Lauria S said...

Great Shots!

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