Monday, May 10, 2010


I often get asked if I like my job. 

The answer is a resounding, "yes".  But then, I have to think about what job is being referred to.  I have jobs (plural).  You see, I'm not solely a photographer.  I spend my Mondays to Fridays teaching high school, which is part of the reason why I'm primarily a wedding photographer... those babies happen almost exclusively on weekends.  But this means, that as I head into wedding season starting this weekend (yay!), my downtime goes from weekends to non-existant.

I spent my downtime this past weekend working in the yard with my hubby.  Sprinkler systems are incredibly dull work, unless you're a fan of wielding a shovel and using enough PVC cement to the tune of a billion braincells lost.  Regardless, it has to be done if we want to enjoy a maintenance-free yard, and, like the house we built last year, there is always such a sense of accomplishment when everything is finished.

That said, on Monday morning, I'm looking so forward to a crazy-busy week at school, followed by an even crazier-busy weekend (my first wedding of the year, a conceptual shoot and the last of my Flaunt Your Rock engagement sessions).  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work only one job, and if I would be challenged and satisfied the way I am now.  I might sleep more, have more time to bake at home.  But I couldn't give up any of my jobs.  I love them too much.

Have a happy week!

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