Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jill and chris [powell river wedding photography]

I've been sitting at the computer for a while now, really wondering what to say about this beautiful day.

I've know Jill longer than I've known anyone. Her family lived next door to where my parents were building our home. At age five, I was proud to call her my first friend. Now, I reminisce a lot (hey, I'm a Pisces, let it go), but I have such fond memories of growing up together - sleepovers, Friday swims and TGIF in her parent's basement, birthdays, makeovers and first crushes. Like many stories, as we grew up we grew apart. Our parents remained close, so I was always privvied to how Jill was fairing at school and in life, and when she met this guy named Chris. And seven years later, here they are, man and wife.

All day, I couldn't help but look at her and think of her when she was little. Even though we're the same age, it made me feel a little old. And incredibly happy.

I love the detail shots. Jill's dress was stunning in simplicity

I could have taken 100 shots in front of that mirror.

Now, Jill and Chris decided to see each other before the ceremony - a trend I'm hoping catches on more and more. This allows for so much time to get great, natural light shots without the time pressure and your guests waiting between the ceremony and reception. But most of all... you can capture great emotion between two people.
Jill's first look at Chris

Another fave. Love is so incredible.

Jill and her maids, Kristi and Elaine, who grew up on the same street

Chris and Jeremy - the bromance continues. Just kidding.

But - total sidenote! - Jeremy's wife, Shannon, has this AMAZING website - It is a compilation of sewing, DIY, crafts and art, all wrapped up in some fab storytelling. It has made my favorites list! Check it out - tell her I sent you!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

The fab bridal party.

Our beautiful bride

Jill's dad will forever be Mr. Morris (like Elaine lamented in her speech, because he was our high school principal)

Even the vows teared me up.

Mr. and Mrs!

A million congratulations to the Leitzes... you are a beautiful couple and I wish you both years upon years of happiness. I am so honored to have documented your day for you, and look forward to sharing the images in their entirety with you soon.

Come on peeps! Leave your lurve for Jill and Chris below! xo!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

jenny and tom [powell river wedding photography]

Friday morning.

The clouds were dark (read: black) and rain was intermittent and almost threatening. Even I was worried about the weather - which NEVER happens. Heck, I'm usually the one asking for the dramatic skies, and all. So as I sit at my computer in the morning, looking out the window, drinking coffee and biting my nails, the sky slowly brightened. I sighed with relief.

Jenny and Tom's ceremony was at her family home, overlooking the ocean, and the reception was a garden party in the backyard. The whole day was relaxed and full of love and life - a perfect reflection of the couple everyone was celebrating.

The amazing ceremony location...

Tom's first look at Jenny

The ceremony was perfection. Here, they lock together and throw away the keys (or rather, have the keys float away via balloons!)

Our portrait session took us from the beach to the beautiful gardens around the property

I love a good snuggle. Especially with some delicious afternoon light.

This may be my favorite image from the day (or entire year)

The stunning backyard reception

And the flower girl, who knows how to party!

The whole day was amazing - from the beachside to the garden and back again. Jenny and Tom - wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. Thank you for having me capture your first day together as husband and wife.

Monday, August 24, 2009

the fabulous miss paige [powell river portraiture]

I've known Paige for a long time... and in that time she has grown into such an amazing student, artist and human. She is gentle, confident, loving and wise beyond her years. And she has the greatest smile.

These are some portraits that will be making her way to her website later this year. Paige is an amazing painter who has garnered great success in town over the last year. You can currently see her work on display at the Pebble Beach storefront.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

and baby makes three [powell river newborn photography]

Here's just a couple of my favorites from a rare newborn session I had the absolute pleasure of partaking in. Katerina is perfection - sleepy, quiet, beautiful.

Congratulations to Kristin and Pierre - may your future be filled with restful nights!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

marissa and chad [powell river wedding photography]

Oh, how I loooove backyard weddings.

Marissa and Chad were married last weekend, in her hometown - again, lucky me! I've known Marissa since high school and was beyond thrilled when she chose me to be her photographer for her amazing day. Without further ado...

Some details

Getting into the dress with the help of her bridesmaids

More details - the fab bouquet and bling!

The short-and-sweet ceremony (and Chad seeing his bride for the first time!)

The hilarious wedding party

The totally amazing bridesmaids - Marissa's mom made all the jewelry!

The bride and groom

Okay, so they TOTALLY won me over when they told me their first dance was to Journey. That's right. JOURNEY.

So Marissa had to rock out. :)

And the family dog could NOT get enough attention.

The day was perfection. Congratulations to Marissa and Chad - enjoy San Fran for your honeymoon, and I can't wait to share the rest with you very soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

zoe and trevor [powell river wedding photography]

I looooove backyard weddings. The homegrown feel, the relaxed vibe... everything. Trevor and Zoe's wedding was no exception. All the details were to die for - the hot pink and clover green colour scheme screamed summer, and the sunshine proved itself for yet another fab weekend on the coast. Here are some of the many, many faves of the day...

Zoe, getting dolled up... windows are the best for dramatic lighting!

Mr. and Mrs.!

The gorgeous girls

Are you kidding me? Zoe is amazingly beautiful...

Some of the amazing details... bouquet and bling

I love the pink! Ring pillows, favour boxes, aisle details and more...

Zoe and Trevor - thank you for having me as a part of your sunshine-y day!

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