Sunday, September 28, 2008

style me pretty

for my gorgeous brides to be... a little inspiration online at style me pretty, a bridal style blog!


excuse me while i wipe the drool from my chin.  have a total daydream day, and thought that i would share all the fantasmic photo-related goodness that i can't wait to get my hands on.  drumroll please... here is my wishlist:

the new full-frame goodness that is the alpha a900.  with grip, of course :

a fantastic new photobag that's easy-peasy for wedding shooting :

what else?  a giant pro printer for my narcissistic self (kidding!), a shoot shop in southern california, a full-time assistant, a matte cutter... and an office to put it all in!

good news for me... at least the first two on my list will be in my possession by year end!  can i hear a hells yes?  tell me know... what are you wishing for?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

last days of summer | family photography, powell river, bc

some of you will remember j + j from their wedding photographs (august 2007). here they are, a year later with their fur babies, kyra and oliver. i'm loving the second image... so warm and yummy...

ps. thanks for the brunch after the shoot! deeeeelish!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

say cheese

my random internet and blog surfing has uncovered a true hidden gem!

trust me, this blog will change your life.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ashley's preview

I promised Ashley that I would get this up tonight, so here it is! And, for all others who want to look at an album design...

Anyway, this is your book, with 20 pages (ten spreads).  The one for Spencer's parents will have his family featured on spread 6 (instead of yours), and excuse the gutter (white line) down the middle of the 2-page spreads - it won't appear in the book!

2009 weddings

just a reminder--it's not too early to be thinking about booking your photographer for 2009 wedding season!  i'm booking like crazy right now, and don't want anyone to be disappointed--contact me for availability!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hit me, baby


KENNEDY PHOTOGRAFIK has officially had 1,000 hits in just over two months!  thanks to all who visit my site once or twice... or daily (hi, mom!).  here's to a thousand more!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


My niece, Caridee, is visiting from Victoria with my sister-in-law, Chelsea.  She is growing up waaaay too fast.  She is infatuated with my (and uncle Brando's) laptops, so I had a fun Photo Booth session with her at the kitchen table.  Her timing is less than stellar.  Too funny.

Hehe... got one!  She's turning the nasty two in December.  God... help us.  (Kidding!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

baby s

i'm falling behind on the blogging... but here is a preview of a baby shoot from last weekend.  she did not like being naked... those lungs were getting a workout!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Holiday Cards

Now is the time to start thinking about your Press Printed Holiday Cards!  These four exclusive designs are available as 5x7" flat cards, double-sided, in linen, gloss or pearlescent quality papers.  Contact me for more information or to order yours today!

The blanks on side one is where your photo would appear.  The text is customizable, and your font can be changed for a small surcharge.  Last day for ordering will be determined closer to the actual cut-off, but I will post the date.  It's looking like the last week of October, or first week of November.  

And, if you are looking for something completely custom--I can do that!  Contact me for details at jennifer [at] kennedycorp [dot] ca.

Without further ado, here are the designs!

Damask, side one.  Customize your text.

Damask, side two.

Red Holiday, side one.

Red Holiday, side two.

Chocolate and blue, side one.

Chocolate and blue, side two.

Retro Black and White, side one.

Retro Black and White, side two.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

busy bee

so, i'm getting ready for my busy weekend!  i have a wedding consultation, a family shoot, another newborn and family session, all on saturday... and i'm going to west vancouver for another family shoot sunday.

i'm stoked!  and tired, just thinking about it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

burn, baby

i hiked triple peaks today with brandon, jordan and jocelyn.  intense does not describe: a) the pain now, b) the incline up, or c) the view from the top, which totally made a and b worthwhile.  for future reference, i am NOT in shape enough to tackle this sort of thing, which was obvious when i needed to break every 20 minutes.  we did over 2000 ft. in three hours.

partial panorama... you can see powell lake and the georgia strait from here

my resting spot... the highest i reached was 5300 ft.

brando, pretend-rock-climbing

before the descent--the flagging is the "finish line", and also to find the trail to start down again.  it's insane how disoriented you get on rock face... hence the forgetting of the lunch container (aka bear snack).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ash & spence | wedding photography, victoria, bc

at long last... ashley and spencer are married! i'm so lucky be a friend to such an amazing person and her gorgeous new husband, and to have participated in the planning... printing... and photographing of the event! it did not disappoint!

here are some of my favorites from the day.

ring shot!

nervous groom?

the girls were awesome! after much pleading to get them to jump (how many times?), i think that they were impressed with the result!

kiss kiss...

ash is a rock star! she was up for anything and it shows... her photos are frickin' awesome! more images to come. be patient, peoples!

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