Sunday, September 7, 2008

burn, baby

i hiked triple peaks today with brandon, jordan and jocelyn.  intense does not describe: a) the pain now, b) the incline up, or c) the view from the top, which totally made a and b worthwhile.  for future reference, i am NOT in shape enough to tackle this sort of thing, which was obvious when i needed to break every 20 minutes.  we did over 2000 ft. in three hours.

partial panorama... you can see powell lake and the georgia strait from here

my resting spot... the highest i reached was 5300 ft.

brando, pretend-rock-climbing

before the descent--the flagging is the "finish line", and also to find the trail to start down again.  it's insane how disoriented you get on rock face... hence the forgetting of the lunch container (aka bear snack).

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