Saturday, November 28, 2009

one from the ocean [tigh na mara wedding photography]

...and one from the prairies, as their invitation so eloquently stated.

Coming from a small town, I'm so lucky to have known so many of my brides and grooms before their big day. This wedding was no exception - I've known Lisa for most of my childhood, from elementary school to swim club. She has grown from a cute, quiet kid into a beautiful and mature woman, an incredibly caring mother, and now, an amazing wife. Mark is her equal - they are a perfect match. Their wedding day was just a wonderful glimpse into the love that they share with each other, their son, their family and friends.

Some of my favorites from the day:

The girls getting ready - the pin has been handed down four (correct me if I'm wrong, Shannon!) generations, and a tradition to wear on their wedding day

The radiantly beautiful Lisa

Bishop Brian (who came to the coast to officiate the marriage) walks Mark and Lisa the last half of the aisle; and a blessing. I love how they are looking at each other.

Let's pause and look at the dapper ringbearer, Mark and Lisa's son, Otello. Beside him is best friend and flowergirl, Alwyne

Part of the Ukrainian Catholic ceremony is the crowning of Bride and Groom

First kiss as newlyweds!

Now, being November, the weather took a turn for the worse (wind and rain, anyone?). However, Mark and Lisa braved it for some outdoor portraits...

...and the light made it sooooo worth it. (Thanks, guys!)

Looooooove this one.

The handsome groomsmen...

...not to be outdone by the gorgeous bridesmaids! They were super-brave... it was only 5 degrees and they rocked out in their dresses and heels!

We stepped inside the beautiful Tigh-Na-Mara for a couple more portraits of Lisa. Stunning.

The day was filled with personal details, in timeless red and black

There reception was beautiful, done up by her aunt.

The first dance - so fitting - was to a song called "Big Green Tractor", sung by Mark's brother.

I love this shot of proud father, Rob, and Lisa.

And I'll end with this fabulous dip shot...
Mark and Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and hospitality for the duration of your day. You really made it your own, and I'm honoured to have been there to capture it. Congratulations, again, and I can't wait to share the rest with you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

brisk [powell river family portraits]

To say that it was cold was an understatement; however, the Huff family put on a brave face (and some layers!) for some family photography. Here are some of my favorites from their session.

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