Tuesday, August 25, 2009

jenny and tom [powell river wedding photography]

Friday morning.

The clouds were dark (read: black) and rain was intermittent and almost threatening. Even I was worried about the weather - which NEVER happens. Heck, I'm usually the one asking for the dramatic skies, and all. So as I sit at my computer in the morning, looking out the window, drinking coffee and biting my nails, the sky slowly brightened. I sighed with relief.

Jenny and Tom's ceremony was at her family home, overlooking the ocean, and the reception was a garden party in the backyard. The whole day was relaxed and full of love and life - a perfect reflection of the couple everyone was celebrating.

The amazing ceremony location...

Tom's first look at Jenny

The ceremony was perfection. Here, they lock together and throw away the keys (or rather, have the keys float away via balloons!)

Our portrait session took us from the beach to the beautiful gardens around the property

I love a good snuggle. Especially with some delicious afternoon light.

This may be my favorite image from the day (or entire year)

The stunning backyard reception

And the flower girl, who knows how to party!

The whole day was amazing - from the beachside to the garden and back again. Jenny and Tom - wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. Thank you for having me capture your first day together as husband and wife.


Jen Williams said...

Oh my god...Jenny you were a beautiful bride.

Jennifer - dude. Do I really have to comment anymore? Seriously stellar.

Sarah said...

I'm a sucker for boquet shots. Don't know why, just am, this one rocks! I love the full shot of the location too! How beautiful!

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