Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jill and chris [powell river wedding photography]

I've been sitting at the computer for a while now, really wondering what to say about this beautiful day.

I've know Jill longer than I've known anyone. Her family lived next door to where my parents were building our home. At age five, I was proud to call her my first friend. Now, I reminisce a lot (hey, I'm a Pisces, let it go), but I have such fond memories of growing up together - sleepovers, Friday swims and TGIF in her parent's basement, birthdays, makeovers and first crushes. Like many stories, as we grew up we grew apart. Our parents remained close, so I was always privvied to how Jill was fairing at school and in life, and when she met this guy named Chris. And seven years later, here they are, man and wife.

All day, I couldn't help but look at her and think of her when she was little. Even though we're the same age, it made me feel a little old. And incredibly happy.

I love the detail shots. Jill's dress was stunning in simplicity

I could have taken 100 shots in front of that mirror.

Now, Jill and Chris decided to see each other before the ceremony - a trend I'm hoping catches on more and more. This allows for so much time to get great, natural light shots without the time pressure and your guests waiting between the ceremony and reception. But most of all... you can capture great emotion between two people.
Jill's first look at Chris

Another fave. Love is so incredible.

Jill and her maids, Kristi and Elaine, who grew up on the same street

Chris and Jeremy - the bromance continues. Just kidding.

But - total sidenote! - Jeremy's wife, Shannon, has this AMAZING website - It is a compilation of sewing, DIY, crafts and art, all wrapped up in some fab storytelling. It has made my favorites list! Check it out - tell her I sent you!

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

The fab bridal party.

Our beautiful bride

Jill's dad will forever be Mr. Morris (like Elaine lamented in her speech, because he was our high school principal)

Even the vows teared me up.

Mr. and Mrs!

A million congratulations to the Leitzes... you are a beautiful couple and I wish you both years upon years of happiness. I am so honored to have documented your day for you, and look forward to sharing the images in their entirety with you soon.

Come on peeps! Leave your lurve for Jill and Chris below! xo!


Sarah said...

I love first looks too! I think its so awesome to capture the true, genuine moment where the couple is totally focused on one another without a billion people to witness their nerves. Awesome stuff!!

Megan said...

Wow, this set gave me goosebumps. Especially Jill's first look at her hubby-to-be! I probably beat this phrase to death, but phenomenal!

PS - How about we discuss the fact that I'm constantly right-clicking your pics to save for my "inspiration" folder on the computer. Just don't tell Ryan, heh.

Jeremy said...

You rock! The pictures are fabulous and so beautiful!!! Thanks for the linky luv!

I'll be throwing one your way next week as well. Keep in touch!

It was great meeting you :)

luvinthemommyhood said...

Oops, Jer was signed in and it was really me (Shannon)...haahah, that was too funny)!

Please ignore the name. I don't think boys use phrases like "linky love"..haha.

jennifer said...

LOL. I was wondering, Shannon! But, seriously, I'm in love with your site. I'm visiting it EVERY DAY!

luvinthemommyhood said...

You are too sweet!!!! Glad you like it! I'll put a little shout out to you in next week's link luv roundup.

Chris said...

I've shown these to about a million people now...ever so proud I am...they all think these are amazing and I'm way to lucky to have such an amazing bride (and a pretty darn spectacual photographer.)

You're the best Jen!!

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful pictures!! Congrats Jill and Chris - it's so weird to think that basically the last time I saw everyone was grade 12...straaaange. Jen, seriously? I love your style - classy & fun...good times.

Also, I thought it was hilarious with Mr. Morris. Totally true.

Bethany Gilbert said...

Pretty! Love the location!

Sylvia Borgo said...

These images are beautiful! My fave is the one of the couple walking away from you on that mini-penninsula. Gorgeous

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