Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm just contentedly sitting here this morning, editing some images from my most recent shoot (bridals... gorgeous... I'll share them soon), drinking my coffee and milk.  I'm really excited at what this weekend holds, and am now counting down the days until school is out.  It's twenty-five, in case you were wondering.

I went for a lovely anniversary dinner with my hubs last night at the wonderful Alchemist.  Seriously, I hear of all sorts of locals who haven't eaten there... it's amazing.  Thinking about the past couple years together, and it's hard to believe how far we've come since we were married.  And I do the same thing I do every anniversary; pull out the wedding album and leaf through the pages gently, one and a time.  Like you, that's all I have left of our wedding.  The photographs and a dress that I'll (happily) never wear again.  It's a good feeling.

And because every post should have a picture... my coffee.  With milk.

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Drewbie said...

You're not supposed to have coffee with milk... duh.

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