Saturday, March 13, 2010



I cannot believe how many votes were cast in my little contest!  Insanity!  Thank you to everyone that voted for the three couples that entered.  However, it was a contest, and the winner is (drum roll, please)...

That's right, COUPLE #1, Jenn and Adam, take the cake with a whopping 796 votes.  You guys have a lot of friends... good luck narrowing down the guest list!

As winners of the FLAUNT YOUR ROCK contest, Jenn and Adam get a FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSION with Kennedy Photografik and a $100 PRINT CREDIT for their fabulous photos!

Anyone who knows me, know that I hate contests.  Really... this is true.  Because with every winner, there's always a loser.  And I hate that!  So....

As runners-up in the FLAUNT YOUR ROCK contest, both couples will receive a FREE ENGAGEMENT MINI-SESSION with Kennedy Photografik and a $50 PRINT CREDIT to use for their images.  I can't thank Allison and Rob and Megan and Ryan enough for taking part in this contest!  Check your inboxes for details soon!

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Megan said...

Jen, you're too sweet! Thank you so much for the mini-session!!!

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