Sunday, April 19, 2009

the fab four & family | family portraits, powell river, bc

Boo hoo. My Spring Break is over - and back to reality I go. However, I'm reliving the loverly sunny weather with editing this session! Okay, this family is fun. And gorgeous. (Heeeellllo! Look at those eyes!) So, here's some of my faves from last Wednesday at Eagle River.

That's right. Four girls. Henceforth shall be the fab four...

Love me some sun flare! Bring it in tight...

Okay... had to post a model shot. Girls are workin' it!

Many, many thanks to the Griffiths family for letting me spend an hour with them. I think that you are the most photogenic group I've ever shot... and you ROCKED! Thank you, THANK YOU!

Now... heading back to reality...


Sylvia Borgo said...

Gorgeous family! Gorgeous setting! Equally goregeous images!

Anonymous said...

oh, these are all very nice!

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