Sunday, August 24, 2008


i'm really looking forward to next week and weekend... after much anticipation, ashley's getting hitched in victoria, at the beautiful bear mountian resort. i also have the pleasure of shooting michelle, dave and baby madison (i shot sister olivia's wedding back in may) whilst i'm in town... so fun!

i finally... FINALLY... finished ashley's menus, programs, placecards and table signage this morning. she let me go at 'er, even with her invitations, and i get to be official paparazzi on the big day! i think she puts too much trust in me... i won't let you down, ash! love ya!

here's a sneak peek at the paper goods.

placecards (in sage green)

bar menu detail in ivory linen paper

the set: table names (after trees), dinner & bar menus

and, lilly, after her bath this morning. that look of utter contempt and disdain will haunt me for today. i have to say, brandon and i enjoy her baths... so funny. hey--don't judge. we don't have cable.

coffee + sunday + me = happiness!


laulaubell said...

I love your work!!

Lets get together for some tequila and guitar hero!

laulaubell said...

okay, and that last comment was left by me, lauren. i thought my *actual* name would show up there...

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