Friday, June 26, 2009

jessica and tomislav [wedding photography]

My apologies in advance - this is an epic post - I had a very, very hard time narrowing down what to share today. :)

Jessica and Tomislav came halfway across the country to be married in her hometown (lucky me!), and their wedding was a mix of traditional and modern elegance - deeply fabulous! - just like them.

The amazing bride. I love this shot because of it's vintage and moody feel. Loverly.

Details, details...

On the way to the ceremony

Mr. and Mrs.! The Assumption church has the BEST light :)

Hot mamas! The bridesmaid get-ups

The bridal party was so much fun!

The dress was amazing and had a mind of its own. :)

Woork it OOOUTT! Absolutely stunning.

The portrait session was at this awesome farm on the waterfront...

First dance. I love the look on Tomislav's face. :)

The most amazing and talented Brooke sang a haunting rendition of "I Can't Help Falling in Love"

And one of my favorites from the day, in one of my favorite locations, the Patricia Theatre. Seeing as they are both entertainers, it seemed only fitting to shoot in a theatre setting. Thanks again, Anne, for having us...

Jessica and Tomislav, thank you so much for trusting me to capture you on your wedding day. I can't wait to share the rest with you and your family.


Jocelyn said...

Those pics are GORGEOUS!! Yeah, I knew're pretty much amazing... :) Hope all is well!

Anna* said...

The pictures are amazing, but so are the beautiful couple.

amy said...

Soooooo fantastic! WOW.
Jennifer - you are a VERY good photographer....Tom and Jess I love you!!
p.s. any chance to order a pic or 2 for myself?

Jen Williams said...

Jen you are amazing! These are fab!

And Jess - wow. You looked incredible. Congrats to you and your hubby <3

Ariel said...

Awesome post! Love the fashiony look they have.

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