Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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I get a lot of questions about photography, and, honestly, I'm no expert. Far from. But I do have some great equipment and a degree in photography (film--which isn't a LOT of use nowadays!). Most important of my equipment, you ask?

Lenses, baby.

And, a Lensbaby. That's right. These little doohickeys are the funniest and funnest lenses going. It bends with my fingers. Provides great shots, like my FAVORITE macro "ring shots", and the image above. No, that isn't Photoshopping that makes the image stretch in and out of focus, it's the Lensbaby (2.0, to be exact). By moving the bellows (a.k.a. flexible tubing), I can hit "sweet spots" to create these selective focus images.

Dying to know more? Check out their website... here!

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FunkyMomma said...

That is so cool! I gotta get me one of those. After my telephoto.
Sean got me a macro for my birthday! YES!!!
I was dreaming of PR the other day.....

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